An opportunity to redefine your life,

And craft your destiny.


What if you were suddenly free of an old trauma?

What if feelings of fear and anxiety were a thing of the past?

What if illness had no power over you in any way?

What if you no longer felt stuck and life suddenly worked?

What would life look like then?

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Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do?  Why you feel the way you feel and  why it is that two people can look at exactly the same situation and see it so differently? Hence, the name of this project - It Depends on Who’s Looking.

How freeing it is to know that the moment we step into an awareness of something (anything) we open the door to amazing new and potentially exciting possibilities.  That is what It Depends on Who’s Looking is all about — creating choice by initiating awareness.

The best and possibly the most important understanding is that there is no right or wrong - no expectation that you should (or shouldn't) take action.

It all depends on your answer to, “Does that work for me?”  Sometimes it will. Sometimes it won’t. But first you need to step into the awareness.


Ancient, primal, forces of the Universe.

Forces which influence our every thought and deed; with or without our awareness of them.  

Learn how to become aware, build your relationship and even work directly with individual Archetypes.   Discover your deepest self, greatest dreams and highest possibilities.



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Each from the privacy of your own home !


Each using shamanic techniques that do not require you to have any previous experience or study.


Shanon and Marv at Kimmapii have spent decades developing these programs to help people change their lives.  

They are a coalition of astrology, tarot, numerology, mythology and shamanism blended together 

offering you the choice between destiny and fate.  


This is the very crux of these programs — the opportunity to create a destiny versus accept a fate!

One - on - One

A full hour investigating your relationship with an archetype.

Life Path Intensive

The in-depth look at everything you set up, and WHY

10 Day Bootcamp

10 days of one-on-one work to put your feet to the fire!


Hawaii Ritual Workshop

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Looking for a reason to come to Hawaii? 

How about a life altering workshop?