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Kimmapii School of Shamanism

Opening doors and bridging the gap for those who want to explore the shamanic mysteries since 1988.

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"Destinistic Shamanism is an examination of the life path we have set up for ourselves and where we are on that journey in this particular incarnation".                                                                                        ~ Kimmapii 

At The Kimmapii School of Shamanism we teach three very distinct streams of Shamanism: The Energetic, The Animistic and The Destinistic.  This work falls into the Destinistic stream.

Here we study the powerful influences of Archetypal Energies in our lives, learn how to use numerous tools to determine where we are at on our journey, and most importantly, learn how to renegotiate our relationships with The Archetypes to co-create a rich destiny for ourselves rather than accept a meagre fate.  

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Currency is a speculative fiction novel - a face-paced expose of the value system that is driving our world.

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Currency is a novel by Shanon Lyn Harwood that was inspired by The Archetypes. 


It’s the story of seven people in small town Ohio who must confront their personal attachment to possessions, prestige and their current way of life; when countries around the world begin voting to abolish money, power and position; with the common goal of ending overpopulation, poverty and hunger.   

As the story unfolds, the reader is forced to examine their own values and then challenges them to ask themselves, “What if this is possible?  What would I be willing to exchange for a global end to poverty, hunger, homelessness, overpopulation and more?”

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Connect With The Originators

Marv Harwood “Piitaotakaan”

Eagle Head

Marv has been a practicing Shaman, Teacher, and Healer for more than 40 years.  His training in the field started 60 years ago, when as a young man, he began learning natural medicine and healing from local Native Elders. Intrigued with this learning, Marv devoted much of his life to greatly expanding this knowledge of the shamanic arts.


Among his notable mentors over many years are Dr. Joe Crowshoe who gave him the name Eagle Head;  Dr. Alberto Villoldo, founder of the Four Winds Society; Dr. Carl Greer, Jungian Analyst, Psychologist;  Don Humberto Quispe, Paqo Elder of Q’ero Nation in Peru.


In addition to some 15 years of tutorship with Dr. Joe Crowshoe, Marv is also a certified graduate of the Four Winds Society:

      Advanced Divination Course

      Advanced Soul Retrieval

      Healing The Lightbody School

He has put these many years of training to good use as:

* Instructor and Director of Kimmapii School of     Shamanism

* Public speaker on the role of Shamanism in our lives

* Lead Shamanic ceremonialist

* Trainer of Shamanism in the business world

* Recognized Shamanic healer and life coach

* Sacred site guide and interpreter

* Developer of Shamanic training courses and curriculums

* One on One healing practitioner

* Developer and Director of federally licensed charity Kimmapii Kids


Throughout his life, Marv has had many careers; including pharmacist, police officer at the rank of inspector, human resource consultant and professional guide. 


He has however, devoted the last 30 years of his life to Shamanic learning, teaching and healing those in need.

Author:  It Depends on Who’s Looking (non-fiction)

Author:  Currency (an emerging reality novel)

Creator of:  The Archetype Project - An original online self help program for individuals.

Shaman: Tutored for more than 15 years and named Iniskimaaki by Native Spiritual Elder Josephine Crowshoe

Graduate of: Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society:    

                Advanced Soul Retrieval

                 Healing The Lightbody School

                 Working With the Sacred

Trained with: Dr. Carl Greer, Psychologist, Jungian Analyst

Public Speaker/Lecturer: On subjects of tarot, astrology, the works of Edgar Cayce.

Shamanic Instructor/Director: Kimmapii School of Shamanism

Developer/Director: Kimmapii Kids Federally licensed charity 


Shanon entered the world of shamanism as a teenager intensely interested in tarot and astrology.  This interest deepened when as a young woman, she moved to Dubai UAE, one of the worlds greatest religious melting pots.  Here she was able to study numerous different religions and soon concluded that although terminology and ceremony may differ somewhat, each faith and esoteric modality was saying essentially the same thing. 


At university, Religious Studies drew yet another parallel - this time to the ancient gods and goddesses from around the world.  This, combined with her hands on experience with religions in Dubai and her now in-depth knowledge of tarot and astrology inspired her to devote eight years of her life to writing “It Depends on Who’s Looking - The Archetype Project”,  a study of the universality of the Archetypal Energies referred to in religion, folklore and mythology.


Shanon is a shamanic practitioner, instructor and healer who devoted the last 30 years of her life to shamanic writing, teaching and practice.

Shanon (Sam) Harwood “Iniskimaaki”

Buffalo Rock Woman

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Radio History

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Kimmapii History

Follow this link to see where Kimmapii began.  

With our mentors....


Connect with Ryan

...The talent that created the original themes and musical scores: 

Over and over we hear people say how moved they are by the music in It Depends on Who’s Looking and they want to know where we got it. 


Meet Ryan MacDonald.


Ryan is the talent behind every piece of music in the programs — all 31 original musical scores — each one created exclusively for It Depends on Who's Looking. 

A client who worked with one of the programs summed it up brilliantly when she proclaimed, “Ryan’s highly textured and layered music really takes you to the mythic - its like going to the library and doing actual research about that Archetype’s energy.

Ryan spent 3 years immersing himself in the study of the 22 Archetypes that we work with.  He composed each unique piece of music to reflect each individual Archetype's characteristics so that you can completely lose yourself in the energetics of that Archetype's world. 


Once he had completed the themes for The Archetypes themselves, he went on to write the musical backdrops for the main video components.  Ryan tells us that creating the theme for "The Archetype of Judgement" was the easiest while composing the theme for "The Bridge to God" was the most difficult. 


To hear more of Ryan's beautiful music: "Wav Occpant" on SounCloud


Connect with Suki

...The talent that created this website:

Repeatedly we are asked for the name of our website designer. 


Meet Suki Rae. 

Suki is an actress, artist, writer, musician and shaman who is currently learning game design.  ..You could say that she keeps busy!  We are deeply grateful to have had Suki design four of our websites, two of which include:

Suki lives and plays in New York City.  To see some of her work and/or connect, please follow the links below:






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Connect with Clients

I came to a moment when I realized that I was playing a role. That role was a coquette. And I felt comfortable.  I understood that It was not me flirting with the audience but me playing a role that was flirting with the audience.  It’s the groundedness I’ve been seeking and knew was out there somewhere.  Thank you.  And thank you to all the Archetypes.  Especially the lovely Aphrodite. 

- Courtney M

Feels like a new identity. Lots of fears have been dampened down. Hades is amazing! I’m liking my new alignment and posture. My back feels strong and I found some muscles I didn’t even know existed back there! Hahaha!

- Brycie K


It was the final piece of the work that really changed me. So many things are now aligning. So many that I feel like a child in a sweet shop! I am not rushing into anything, and I am not procrastinating either. 

- Annie P

Working with the Archetypes has been amazingly transformative for me in just a few short weeks. 

I wish I could put into words how powerful this work has been for me, and in such a very short time. 

It’s certainly not for anyone looking for a shallow fix. This is deeply transformative, but I think is accessible to anyone with an open mind and who wants to do their work.  Just working with one Archetype would bring about lasting change.  I imagine that learning how all the Primary Archetypes operate in my life, and possible renegotiating those is going to be completely life altering for me.  I can’t wait.

- Elaine L.

How perfect that right before working with Zeus I had a painful shoulder injury. Working with Zeus showed me that pain could be turned from an enemy into an ally. I realized that the fear and anxiety I experienced with pain actually intensified it. Once I changed my perception of pain, it was greatly reduced to only a soreness, which I perceive now as a friendly sign that I am improving my strength, flexibility and stamina. I focus now on utilizing the tools and knowledge I have acquired over the years to transform my language and mindset about health. I am creating my healed mythic map.

- Penelope W

It was so good!  Big wake up call, right away I was having mega realizations about what is holding me back and the steps I need to take to get there. SO personal and very quick and to the point, big realizations every day. In fact, it was so good I want to do it again!  Wow!

- Andrea J

This is one of the most interesting lenses to view reality through and what's more important is that it has been designed as a practical way for people to help themselves and do REAL personal work. It's one thing to be mentally stimulated and fascinated by reading about mythology and esoteric knowledge; it's quite another to go into your own family lineage, with all the mental illness, pain and wounds and find a way to communicate.

- Eugena R

Hades put me into a cocoon so I could have the time to transform into a butterfly.  Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to do this work.  It has been an eye opener to say the least.

- Mary C


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